Arizona 15th State With Legal Recreational Weed Sales

PHOENIX — Legal sales of recreational marijuana in Arizona started on Friday, a once-unthinkable step in the former conservative stronghold that joins 14 other states that have broadly legalized pot. The state Health Services Department on Friday announced it had approved 86 licenses in nine of the state’s 15 counties under provisions of the marijuana… Continue reading Arizona 15th State With Legal Recreational Weed Sales

8 Accessories Every Marijuana Smoker Should Have

@WeedFeed is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Honestly, if you’re here already, you’ve probably got a bunch of good gear that you’re regularly using. But! If you’re new to the… Continue reading 8 Accessories Every Marijuana Smoker Should Have

Bernie Explains What Should Be Obvious, but Sadly Isn’t

You would think that this is obvious, or common knowledge, but sadly you’d be wrong. Or maybe lawmakers are wilfully ignorant to the facts (big surprise there, right?). Either way, please share this with whoever you may know who’s looking for a way to affect real change in our country.

It’s just a weed, Chicago

There’s a patch of ground behind the lilies in Lauren’s west suburban backyard garden where tomatoes won’t grow. She thinks it has something to do with the soil’s pH, but whatever it is, it’s a ferti…

4/20 in the Time of Coronavirus

Here’s a little something from around the web to help you enjoy your 4/20 at home this year. Smoke responsibly…

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Virginia Decriminalizes Marijuana

On Sunday, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced he signed a bill that will eliminate jail time for simple marijuana possession, leaving only a civil penalty with a fine in place for the first offense. Northam previously said decriminalization was a priority for him, and the newly elected Democratic-controlled legislature soon followed his lead. This is not full marijuana legalization. Under decriminalization, penalties carrying jail… Continue reading Virginia Decriminalizes Marijuana

LA Marijuana dispensaries are ‘essential’, allowed to stay open during coronavirus order

With California residents being asked to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and all “non-essential businesses and areas” being closed down, officials in Los Angeles are making sure that marijuana is still available to the public.Marijuana dispensaries are being deemed as “essential businesses,” as they are allowed to…read the full CNN article here.