Trump Says Weed Makes You Dumb, Leaked Audio Reveals

WASHINGTON President Trump said smoking weed makes people lose IQ points and get into accidents. And he’s unsure whether the wave of marijuana legalization sweeping the country is a good thing or a bad thing, according to the leaked recording of a private …

Mike Bloomberg Says Locking People Up For Marijuana Is ‘Dumb’

Bloomberg cleverly manages to dodge the question, and leaves us thinking that there’s little hope of him taking on the challenge of federally legalizing Marijuana, although we agree that putting people in jail for marijuana possession and use is ruining lives and costing tax-payers millions of wasted dollars. Head over to Forbes to read the… Continue reading Mike Bloomberg Says Locking People Up For Marijuana Is ‘Dumb’

Legalizing Pot = Tuition-Free College

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – Efforts are underway to legalize and tax recreational marijuana sales, fund tuition-free college and shore up pensions for state and local government workers as the New Mexico Legislature convenes. Here are some things to watch during the 30-day session that…READ MORE