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October 23, 2021
Trump Says Weed Makes You Dumb, Leaked Audio Reveals

Trump Says Weed Makes You Dumb, Leaked Audio Reveals

WASHINGTON President Trump said smoking weed makes people lose IQ points and get into accidents.
And he’s unsure whether the wave of marijuana legalization sweeping the country is a good thing or a bad thing, according to the leaked recording of a private …
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One thought on “Trump Says Weed Makes You Dumb, Leaked Audio Reveals

  1. Well hes dumb and he dont smoke weed.
    The fact that it saves lives and you look at it as a ???? is whats dumb. The fact it can be made into hempcrete and the strongest cordage to build.
    I have PTSD eating and sleeping disorders. I have bad depression and anxiety. It helps me. The fact that. I took this poison called medicine for it and all it did was damage my liver and kidneys that’s whats dumb. When the whole time i could have been smoking weed and been just fine. Its the fact trump doesn’t care about america. He wants to be a king. This is not a third world country. The sooner you Americans realize we are America and trump works for us. The world will be a better place. It says in the constitution of rights they are for the people by the people. God Bless ???????? i hope we make it to 2021

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